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Governor’s Order Permits Remote Execution of Wills

The Covid-19/Coronavirus pandemic has made a lot of clients realize they should not have put off revising their wills.  Even if a person is not currently ill, having an up-to-date will provides some peace of mind against the worst case scenario.  Under normal circumstances, will execution requires that the testator and the witnesses must all be present together at the same time and place and the witnesses must see the testator sign the will in person.  In this time of social distancing, that could present a problem.

Recognizing the concerns about not being able to execute wills during a time when it may be needed most, Governor Pritzker issued an executive order that permits wills to be signed by means of a video and audio conference during which the testator and the witnesses can all see and hear one another.  There are strict requirements for how the procedure must be conducted, but they are simple enough to adhere to.  If you have been putting off signing your will, and have become concerned about whether you can do so at this time, rest assured that proper execution of your will can be completed even with social distancing being the norm.  

Recent Transactions


In March 2022, I represented the seller of a motel in Downers Grove, Illinois.  This $6,500,000 transaction was a sale to a not-for-profit organization that will use the property for temporary and interim housing for the homeless.


Doug recently completed the acquisition of a motel in Downers Grove, Illinois for $4,100,000.  This included the purchase transaction and financing and the closing of the purchase for a client that continues to build its hospitality portfolio.  January 2020.

I recently completed a $5,000,000+ tax-deferred exchange of an office building in the NW suburbs of Chicago for a Walgreen Co. in Plymouth, Wisconsin on behalf of a client who continues to diversify a portfolio of commercial and industrial properties.  June 2019

Doug completed a $7,000,000+ acquisition of a Walgreen Co. location on behalf of a client who was diversifying his portfolio of commercial and industrial properties.  The purchase was the aqquisition of a replacement property in a tax-deferred exchange. September 2014

On behalf of a New York client, we closed the purchase of a 200,000 square foot office building in Lombard, Illinois for a purchase price in excess of $8,000,000.  The client plans to convert the building to a mixed-use data center and high-tech office center. July 2014


On behalf of client from Brazil, we organized an Illinois limited liability company which plans to start up a software company.


LawPact Conferences

As President of LawPact, Doug attends every meeting; he values the opportunity to interact and network with like-minded business lawyers from around the world.  

Doug presided over the Spring LawPact Conference in Miami, Florida. 55 lawyers from 38 member firms participated in the conference, which focused on culture-building for law firms.  March 2022.

After nearly two years of not being able to meet in person, Doug was pleased to host LawPact members in Chicago.  The Fall 2021 conference was expanded by an additional day due the members' desire to have time discuss the events, lessons, and change brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic.  The conference will focus on the future of the organization as an entire day dedicated to technology issues, such as cloud based services, use of portals to enhance client services, cybersecurity issues facing law firms, and making the most of Office 365.  September 2021.

Doug attended the LawPact Fall Conference in Brussels, Belgium.  40 lawyers from 32 member firms were present at the conference. The theme for the conference was Latest Developments in Technology and the Practice  of  Law.  Doug is humbled to be President of LawPact for the past 13 years.  As a member of LawPact, Doug's clients have access to law firms around the world when their business requires local representation.  November 2019.


Doug attended the LawPact Spring Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Lawyers from 35 member firms  from around the world attended the conference.  May 2019.

LawPact held its Fall 2018 Conference in Santiago, Chile.  This was the first LawPact meeting in South America.  Lawyers from 30 member firms  from around the world attended the conference.  October 2018.

Inpact Conferences


I am in Savannah, Georgia attending the Inpact Americas Partners Forum.  Inpact International is the sister association to LawPact, and the two groups have much in common.  As President of LawPact, I am meeting the leaders of Inpact to explore ways to enhance the relationship of the two groups to benefit their respective members.  November 12, 2015.


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